Stratford and Leonie Caldecott, on the poet Kathleen Raine, who wandered away from Catholicism into the mists of Neoplatonic mysticism, but ‘found her way back in the end’:

Kathleen received the last rites from a Catholic priest, and her funeral mass was celebrated in the Lady Chapel of Westminster Cathedral. Nevertheless, her journey serves to remind us of a host of intelligent, imaginative people who have wandered even further afield, and been drawn into even stranger paths, often with much less hope of return, simply because Catholic authorities have forgotten the importance of symbolism and gutted the liturgy. Too often these days love is been reduced to sentiment, and the Gospel to a set of moral strictures. If we are ever to succeed in calling such people back home, it will not be by preaching at them, but by showing them the living wisdom of Christ dwelling in the heart of the Church – remembering that it is not the Light but the shadows they have sought to escape.

(my emphasis)