Still here

I know it’s an unwritten rule of blogging that you’re not supposed to apologise for not posting regularly. But I do. I’ve been busy lately, but also going through more than the usual back-and-forth about faith, to the extent that I haven’t even felt able to articulate my doubts here. But I haven’t given up. I plan to be more active when the air clears.

Mary Stuart, Queen of France and Scotland

Nor have I kept to my theological and philosophical reading plans. Instead, I’ve found inspiration in the more indirect route, of reading about the saints, and about Catholic figures from history. Over Easter, I read John Guy’s brilliant and affecting biography of Mary, Queen of Scots: not a saint by any conventional measure, but a fascinating and admirable woman, and a witness to the faith at the very end. For my summer holiday, which will be upon me in a week or so, I’ve packed Guy’s much-praised book about Margaret, daughter of Thomas More, as well as Peter Ackroyd’s biography of the great Tudor statesman himself. I promise to report back on all of these at some convenient point.


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